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You're probably visiting this site because you, or a close family member or friend, have been recently diagnosed with cancer. It is important for you to hear the story of Jack Lockton, a five and one-half year survivor of pancreatic cancer.

Jack put together a network of support that included doctors, family and friends. Together, they formed a Cancer Battle Plan to attack the disease and battle against cancer. Jack's "battle attitude" got him another five and a half years. He lived life to the fullest, spent precious time with family and friends and welcomed five new grandchildren into the family.

On March 11, 2004 Jack passed away after taking a 3 to 6-month life expectancy diagnosis and surviving five and one half years. His message remains the same - you must fight to win this battle! But it can be done. Every day, someone survives your cancer!

Good luck, and God bless!


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